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NTC to govern from Tripoli and tomorrow’s front pages

The NTC have announced their intention to govern Libya from Tripoli. The pro-opposition Libya TV has details from the NTC’s first news conference in Tripoli, held by the rebel administration’s oil and finance minister, Ali Tarhouni, BBC Monitoring reports. “Long live democratic, constitutional Libya forever and glory to our martyrs,” he said.

          Canada has officially welcomed the NTC’s new envoy to Ottawa. The rebel flag was raised in the lobby of Canada’s foreign ministry, AFP reports. Canada is part of the Nato-led alliance helping the rebels against Col Gaddafi’s forces.


At his Tripoli news briefing, the rebel oil and finance minister, Ali Tahouni, said the NTC was now working from the Libyan capital: “I proclaim the beginning of and the resumption of the executive office in Tripoli as of this moment,” he said.

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